WWE 2K16 Season Pass and DLC Content Trailer Revealed

This morning, 2K released an all-new trailer showing off what WWE 2K16 owners can expect from the game’s post-release content. The moves pack will include John Cena’s fallaway facebuster, Kevin Owens’ super fisherman buster, and Sin Cara’s springboard swanton. Hall of Fame feuds like Jake Roberts vs. Randy Savage will be playable. DLC characters will include legends like the Enforcers, the Natural Disasters, the Bushwackers, Tatsumi Fujinami, Samoa Joe, Blake and Murphy, and Los Matadores. For many, this game will mark their first video game appearance in many years. Samoa Joe hasn’t been featured in a game since 2008’s TNA Impact, while Fujinami hasn’t been in one officially since New Japan’s wrestling games over a decade ago.