Splatoon Undergoing Huge Maintenance Makeover Next Week

Splatoon will be getting a few adjustments on October 20. Version 2.2.0 will be one of the biggest overhauls the game has received so far. It’ll give weapons, stages, effects, battles and more a few changes. Check out some of them below.

Many Shooter weapons will have their damage, fire rate, walk speed and more either increased or decreased, some with significant percent changes. Some Roller weapons will change so one-hit-knockouts only occur from being hit by the center of the roller. Some Specials have been given more time to be useful along with cooldown rates being lowered while other Specials will be taken down a notch requiring more ink coverage to be triggered. More info on the weapons and the entire list can be viewed here.

Both Splat Zones and Tower Control are getting some gauge, timer and gameplay tactics changed. Splash Walls will bounce differently making it more difficult to place on Towers. Special gauges will fill more quickly when the timers are in effect. Rank S players will be matched more with other S Inklings while S+ will match up better with other S+ ranks. The calculations were adjusted to make Rank Battles a bit evened out.

Stages are getting some makeovers as well. Walleye Warehouse and Kelp Dome will have some routes closed off during Rainmaker. Splash Walls used at Saltspray Rig can’t be used in certain spots while Suction Bombs at Flounder Heights can’t be placed in some locations. Also in Flounder Heights, routes will be changed for Rainmaker and other modes. And the new stage, Hammerhead Bridge also gets shortcuts and paths remodeled.

There are some battle adjustments that could make or break the match. Point Sensors and Disruptors won’t be slowed down by lag, players will no longer be able to swim in spots atop the tower in Tower Control and Splat Rollers won’t inflict damage through thin walls are just a couple of changes. Some cosmetic changes will also be implemented. Bugs during Dojo Battles will also get squashed.

Splatoon’s new update takes place October 20 starting at 6 PM PT. They will also be performing server maintenance from 5:50 to 7:00 PM PT on the same day. Service will be unavailable during these times. If you want to see the entire list of changes (which is a lot) you can view them here under Version 2.2.0.