Stella Glow to Get a Demo this Month; New Trailer also Shown Off

Stella Glow, the SRPG from SEGA and ATLUS, is just about four weeks from release now. While the fall season this year is especially stacked with excellent JRPG, Stella Glow is one of the few for which we have particularly high expectations. Perhaps its the game’s strong, colorful art style or the return to a traditional grid-based combat system the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem… Regardless of the reason, since we’re so close to its launch, publisher ATLUS is in full PR mode.

Thus it makes sense that today ATLUS announced that Stella Glow will be getting a free eShop demo at the end of this month, on October 27. Unfortunately, the demo won’t be going the route of The Legend of Legacy or Bravely Default by allowing players to transfer over their progress from the demo to their retail copy. Nevertheless, we are just happy to get our hands on the game a little early, even if it’s in the form of said demo.

Also, the game’s official website is now live, and can be found here. Additionally, the game will be getting a limited edition launch version that comes with all the usual ATLUS 3DS JRPG goodies–which includes premium packaging, a poster, an arranged soundtrack, and a charm. Pre-orders are open at practically any and all gaming outlets, so pick your poison if you’re wanting to nab one of these launch copies. On top of that, a new trailer has been unveiled, so be sure to give it a peek.

Stella Glow launches on November 17 exclusively for 3DS.