Take a Look at Anno 2205’s Gold Edition

Ubisoft has detailed what all will be available to players who choose to upgrade to their Gold Edition of Anno 2205.

If you make the choice to upgrade here’s what you should be getting:

  • Orbit Expansion
  • Tundra Expansion
  • Art book (digitally)
  • Original Soundtrack (digitally)

In Orbit, players and their corporations will expand into space and only the best of your employees will be able to come along. There scientist will create research modules that will allow you to individually upgrade and tweak your space station to ultimately boost all your sectors in the game.

Tundra on the other hand takes place in the Vanha Plains. Here players will use a new aircraft to explore the vast area and solve the mystery of the forgotten ECO sanctuaries. Along with a new aircraft comes a new character in Esther Nylund who will help players disarm a deadly fever and re-use its components to create new gameplay options.

Anno 2205 is scheduled to release November 3 on PC.