Total War: Warhammer Release Date Announced With Pre-Order Incentives

Although it may make some people angry, large-scale, real-time strategy game Total War: Warhammer not only isn’t named “Total Warhammer” but also has some pre-order bonuses with a fair amount of exclusive content for those who pre-purchase the game.

Firstly, Total War: Warhammer is coming out April 28, 2016. Secondly, it’s primary pre-order bonus for anyone who buys the game before release is the Chaos Warriors Race pack. People who pre-order the game will get the game’s first DLC for free, which includes the entire playable Chaos Warriors race and three new “Legendary Lord” units that come with it. Each Legendary Lord also has their own quest chain and gear.

There is also a Limited Edition which will feature a metal box and an insider guide. Then there’s the High King Edition of the game. This edition of the game will be very limited in number but the High King Edition will be constructed to resemble the in-game lore’s legendary Book of Grudges and will come in an ornate, Dwarfen-style box. It will also contain the following list of features:

Grudge Ring: This quality metal ring, with a rotating inner band is perfect to spin whilst brooding over grudges and plotting revenge. Six numbered bevels on the inner hoop allow the ring to double as a fully functioning die.

Slayer’s Whetstone Pendant: Made of genuine, functional whetstone and inscribed with the talismanic Master Rune of Spite, this hefty trinket would be treasured and jealously guarded by any self-respecting Slayer, who aims to keep a keen edge on their blades.

Dwarfen Drinking Horn & Stand: Toast your victories with this beautifully decorated drinking horn; wrought with icons and sigils in the Dwarfen craftsman style. Suitable for both display and practical use, it can hold a full pint and comes complete with its own unique metal display stand. Please note, liquid cannot be ‘sipped’ from this drinking horn, it may only be ‘quaffed’.

Canvas Map: Plan your campaigns of conquest as any High King should with this gorgeously illustrated canvas map of the game world.

Integrated Artbook: Integrated into the High King Edition’s impressive packaging is a large art book featuring exclusive concepts.

Metal Case: Protect your game disks from the perilous dangers of the Old World with this exclusive metal case.

Insider Guide: A printed strategy guide for Total War: WARHAMMER; this book will help get you started with the game and offers invaluable tactical advice to help you dominate the battlefields of the Old World.

Chaos Warriors Race Pack: The Chaos Warriors Race Pack offers a new playable race with a full roster of bloodthirsty units, terrifying mounts and monstrous creatures. Lead the corrupted Chaos hordes as one of three new playable Legendary Lords and embrace the Ruinous Powers as you embark on brand new quest chains, unlocking powerful items and gaining the favour of the dark Chaos Gods.

For collectors or eager fans, the High King Edition can be found here. See the in-game cinematic trailer for the Chaos Warriors race below. Total War: Warhammer is set to release for PC on April 28, 2016.

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