CLG Making Changes in the Mid Lane

After bowing out of Worlds, Counter Logic Gaming has announced that Jae-hyun “Huhi” Choi will be their starting mid laner come the 2016 LCS season.

This may come as a shock considering the team’s now former mid laner was Eugene “Pobelter” Park. Pobelter could easily be considered one of the main reasons for the team’s success. CLG was known for funneling all available resources on the their AD carry Yilang “Doublelift” Peng, and still Pobelter put up good numbers.

After his first year on the team, and being starting mid laner, CLG went on to secure it’s first ever NA LCS Championship and booked a number one seed heading into Worlds. It’s unclear what role, if any, Pobelter will be taking with the team heading into next season. According to CLG’s post on their website they are “…actively looking to provide Pobelter with the best possible opportunities moving into the next LCS season.”

You can read the team’s full post here.