Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen for October 24

Screenshot Saturday is a great day to see new things, whether they be all-new and previously undiscovered or simply new pics of something anticipated.  The #screenshotsaturday hashtag groups all these pictures together on Twitter as developers show off their weekly progress, and this feature shows a dozen of those images based solely on the criteria of whether or not the image caught my eye.  Maybe the game featured will be the best thing ever, or maybe it will end up not so much, but the image itself is the point of the posting.  Don’t forget to click on the arrows on the animated .gifs, though, because each one exponentially increases the entertainment value by a factor of twelvety.  Note- this week has thirteen in addition to the usual bonus image because I couldn’t decide which one to cut and eventually questioned the need to trim the list down any further than it had already been.

Voxeterium-  Shooter where you rotate around a growing mass and make fireworks happen.  Technically that latter feature is more side-effect than objective, but only if you’re playing it wrong.

Fugl-  You’re a voxel bird flying around a voxel island and enjoying the sensation of flight.  I’ve gotten to play a little of it and it’s really lovely, even if I did keep crashing the poor bird into any physical object capable of knocking it out of the sky.  It’s still in beta testing and, if you’re willing to help, you can request access using the info from the development log over at the Touch Arcade forums.

Soft Body- This is a twin-stick game where you control one worm with each stick, painting the world by sliding up next to its walls while dodging massive patterns of firepower.  Step 1 to learning seems to involve cracking your skull in two, but once that’s complete the rest should come far more easily.

At the Mountains of Madness-  H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhian mythology has always been fertile ground for any horror game to grow out of, and this is a direct translation of one of his stories into an action-adventure survival game.  The antarctic isn’t a good place to survive for anyone, but it does seem to hold some beautiful caverns to shelter its terrible secrets.

Unnamed Ludum Dare Game-  The October Ludum Dare challenge is to complete a game in one month and make at least $1 from it.  This is one of the entries, where you’re a dragon keeping your health up by eating people and occasionally rampaging against those who think being eaten is a bad idea.  People are so touchy about these things.

Rain World-  This has been on the radar for a while, with a highly successful Kickstarter to its name and multiple showings at various shows throughout the last couple years.  The slugcats are adorable little beasts and counter-balance the harsh eat-or-be-eaten world they live in wonderfully.

Arcadia Atlantis-  Final Fantasy Tactics-style strategy game, complete with job classes and crafting.  The pixel art is absolutely gorgeous.

Razed-  This is an abstract platform-racer where the player has a total of one ability- the shout.  Using the shout near people collects them like rings or coins, and it seems likely it will be used in other ways as well but information on the specifics is a little thin on the ground.  If the gameplay mechanics can match the art design there should be no problems at all.

Me and My Dinosaur-  Super-cute platformer where you and your dino help each other past the traps and obstacles of the world.  Just look how happy that t-rex is!

Unnamed Speed Run Jam game-  There’s utterly no information on this at all, but that is one attractive horizontal shooter happening here.

Yonder-  Co-op point & click adventure game. You can either play by yourself controlling both characters or, preferably, with a friend, coordinating your efforts to get through Yonder’s puzzles and mysteries together.

MoonStrike- This is a very different beastie in that it’s an RTS designed for VR.  The fleets of ships promise to be massive but the scale is like controlling miniatures, except fully functional and using all aspects of 3D.  Like Lucky’s Tale it uses the the shrinking of the environmental scale to create a diorama effect, negating potential nausea and making the battle feel like a giant playset for you to explore.  The game history is an excellent read, so head on over for a good read on game development.

Let Them Come-  You’re a gunner behind a sandbagged and mounted machine gun and the alien horde just keeps on pouring through the hallway.  Admitted, it’s a pretty simple idea, but that is one seriously dynamic stream of blue light exploding from the hatch.

Bonus Image

Sometimes you just want to be a monkey on a beach getting some reading done and the world won’t leave you in peace.