Yo-Kai Watch Gets Very First English Television Commercial

If you haven’t been caught up to speed with the latest Nintendo craze, it features little critters you must battle, defeat and keep for your team. No, it’s not Pokémon. It’s Yo-Kai Watch, a new game exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS based on a manga, anime and video game series already a huge success in Japan.

It’s first television commercial is available to view below and shows off multiple reasons why many people might be late for work or school. Sometimes being forgetful, in a hurry or just lazy isn’t your fault. It’s up to players to find the source of this dreary power and defeat the Yo-Kai causing such messy problems. Beat them and they may just join your team.

If you haven’t check it out yet, the demo version for the game is available to download right now from the Nintendo eShop.