Check Out Battleborn’s Competitive Multiplayer Trailer

Gearbox’s upcoming game, Battleborn, combines RPG and MOBA elements in a character-based shooter that thrives on customization. We’ve heard about its cooperative campaign, but today the Texas-based studio has released a new trailer detailing the game’s three competitive multiplayer modes. The first, Incursion, has two teams of players launching assaults on each other’s bases, and defending their own bases against waves of computer-controlled enemies; The second, Meltdown, sees teams leading their minions to incinerators to score as many points as they can; The third, Capture, unleashes two teams in a death match, fighting over several points of territory strewn throughout the map.

We recently went hands-on with Battleborn’s multiplayer modes, and came away mightily impressed. You can read our full preview here, and can check out the trailer below: