Cosmic Star Heroine Getting Physical Edition from Limited Run Games

It’s been suspected for a while but as of today it’s official- Zeboyd Games is teaming up with Limited Run Games to bring Cosmic Star Heroine out in a physical edition.  Both the PS4 and Vita versions will get their own printing, limited in number but a bigger printing than the 1,500 Breach & Clear will get, and with a chance for Kickstarter backers to order early still in the works.  Cosmic Star Heroine will be the third and fourth game from Limited Run Games, released one version a month due to putting out a PS4 and Vita release simultaneously being a bit much for a fledgling publisher.

The Cosmic Star Heroine announcement also brought other news with it, primarily for the obsessive-collector types who can’t resist racking their games in perfect order.  While each game Limited Run releases is numbered, with Breach & Clear being #1, the spine will have individual numbering by console.  Saturday Morning RPG will be LR-P01, for Limited Run PS4 01, while Cosmic Star Heroine is LR-P02, etc.  Breach & Clear will be missing its LR-V01, due to it already being printed, but it does have its catalog number of 1 on the back of the box as part of the UPC code.  It may sound like a small detail but when it comes to keeping the shelves tidy it’s a wondrous thing, unless (like me) you rack your games by title alphabetization.