Knight Squad Busting Out of Early Access This November

What if Gauntlet were about killing your friends instead of hordes of enemies? What if it also gave everyone a bunch of bombs to blow each other up with? You might have something akin to Knight Squad.

If you’re a fan of multiplayer party games and somehow haven’t heard of this, then you’d best pay attention now. 1 to 8 players can go wild destroying each other in a variety of game modes.¬†Knight Squad originally hit Early Access last year and has maintained a “very positive” rating on Steam since then.

Soon, it’s finally going to launch in complete form. When exactly? The game arrives on November 16 for both PC and Xbox One. Please note that Knight Squad will be available as a Games With Gold promo on Xbox One. Early Access owners will receive free DLC which includes 4 additional gameplay modes and 3 new knights.