Adorable Visual Novel Hustle Cat Enters Final Week on Kickstarter

For some, getting their first job is quite the challenge. For others, like protagonist Avery, they manage to get mixed up in some magical stuff right from the get go.

Hustle Cat stars Avery, the newest staff member of A Cat’s Paw cafe which seems to be hiding a mystical secret.You see, the owner has been cursing people by turning them into cute little kitties. Luckily, you’ll have just what it takes to save folks and potentially form relationships with them.

Date Nighto is looking for $25,000 in funding to make Hustle Cat come to life. Thus far, they’ve raised over 70% of that goal on Kickstarter but need around $8,000 more in this final week. Interested? There’s a few demo builds available if you’d like to take the visual novel for a test spin.