Crytek Reveals ‘Robinson: The Journey’ For PlayStation VR

At Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week yesterday, Crytek announced that they will be collaborating with the company to bring their VR game, Robinson: The Journey, to PlayStation VR.

So far, nothing of the story or the character is known, but in the trailer shown at the conference, we see that your character is in a jungle filled with dinosaurs, and there is a small, floating orb of a robot leading you to safety.

The robot mentions that “your friend has led us into a bit of a situation,” which may mean that there are other characters that you will meet throughout the game.

Other than that, there were no hints as to what the purpose of the game will be, or what you as the character will do.

Crytek is best known for their work as the developers of the Crysis game series and Ryse: Son of Rome, which are renown for their graphical fidelity. The engine they use, Cryengine, is well known for bringing some of the most beautiful games to life. They have now brought that talent and technology to virtual reality in the form of Robinson: The Journey.

Check out the trailer below: