Multiplayer Gets Eldritch with ‘Gurgamoth Lives’

Ready to play a multiplayer game as an adorable little cultist squaring off against 2-4 other evil beings? If so, or you find yourself weirdly intrigued, then take a look at Gurgamoth Lives.

This multiplayer brawler was designed by indie team Galvanic Games and pits players against one another as tiny, flying cultists. The battlefield is a single screen and your goal is to zoom straight into the other characters and kill them.

Gurgamoth Lives began as an entry to the PlayFab game jam. The team’s been busy polishing the game up since to prepare for a launch this Halloween. You’ll be able to pick it up on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $2.99 via the Galvanic Games site. Or, you can give their Greenlight page an upvote to see it land on Steam.