ARK: Survival Evolved Gets Halloween Update

Studio Wildcard, developers of Steam Early Access game ARK: Survival Evolved, have revealed some new Halloween-theme content for the dinosaur-filled survival game. This update includes some Halloween-inspire dinosaurs, items, and areas to explore.

Lasting one week, the island of ARK will get chillier, its days will shorten, and its nights will last longer. The moon will turn red, and shine brighter, and undead dinosaurs like tame-able zombie dodos and Skelesaurs will roam the lands. Players can go out and explore the new seasonal content, which includes thatch-rich scarecrows, Jack-o-Lanterns, costumes, candy corn drops with rare hidden ARK discount codes, and Spider Saddles which let players mount and ride giant spiders.

Peek below for a video promoting these new updates. For more on ARK: Survival Evolved, read up on our preview here.