Titanfall 2 Will be Released Before March 2017

If there was a Guinness Book World record for most hyped up game (actually, is there?), Titanfall would be a strong contender. A new IP from a new developer from the world’s biggest game studio, the game was designed to be the next big multiplayer experience and usurp Halo and Call of Duty in the process. While it is indisputably solid, it didn’t quite take the throne, but EA is going at it again with a sequel.

Although nothing is yet known about the upcoming game, EA today in their conference call stated that the game will “prop up their FY17 numbers.” As FY17 is the period between April 2016 and March 2017, this all but guarantees the game won’t be released until at least April of next year, but will see release before April of 2017.

As the original game was released in March 2014, a March 2017 release for the sequel is a strong possibility.