Two New Splatoon Weapons Added Today

In case all you crazy squids missed the announcement or won’t have the chance to fire up the Wii U anytime soon, Splatoon added a couple of new weapons to check out. They’re both revamps of already existing shooters, just with different sub and special abilities.

The H-3 Nozzlenose is great for short bursts of ink and suitable for anyone with an itchy trigger finger. It also comes with Point Sensor to spot your prey and the Inzooka to blast them away. There’s also a new short range shooter with the Luna Blaster Neo. It’s sub weapon is the Splat Bomb with the ability to throw multiples using Bomb Rush, easily forcing your opponent into a corner or out in the open for some easy pickings.

Both weapons come just in time for the next wave of Splatfest celebrations. This time, for North America, it’s Pirates vs. Ninjas. Better get to practicing if you want your team to win.