Metal Gear Solid V has Shipped 5 Million Copies

Konami has reported in its 2nd quarter fiscal results that Metal Gear Solid V has shipped five million units. The report mentions that the five million figure does indeed include downloaded copies of the game, bringing the most accurate number we’ve seen thus far for the game.

However, even that impressive figure pales in comparison to Konami’s mobile games division. Konami’s Jikkyou Pawafuru Puroyakyu mobile game has 17 million downloads to its name in eleven months and has a much lower development and operating cost. It’s easy to see why Konami’s business may be shifting more toward mobile games.

Combing through the rest of the report, though, it remains a good reminder that its digital entertainment revenue stream still far outstrips any other part of its business. While digital entertainment pulled in 51.7 billion yen during the quarter, its next highest-earning segment, health and fitness, pulled in 35.9 billion Yen, a decrease of 1.1 billion yen from the previous quarter. Its pachislot and pachinko machines segment, for comparison, only pulled in 5.4 billion yen.