Need a Last Minute Halloween Costume? Microsoft has you Covered

So all you procrastinators need something for a Halloween costume? Don’t worry, Microsoft’s got your face. With one of the hottest titles of the year only recently made available, perhaps Halloween stores and costume makers were at a short order for Master Chief and Spartan Locke outfits. But there’s no need to fret, Chief.

If you’re a fan of Halo 5: Guardians and are in desperate need of a costume for a party you were only invited to because your mom forced your older sister to take you, there are some easy print-out options for you. Print out an entire paper costume for Master Chief or Spartan Locke and you’ll easily become the belle of the ball, or guardian.

You’ll only get the helmet pages to download so the rest of the costume is up to you. Maybe use some old peewee football pads for armor. Don’t worry, kid, you’ll figure something out. So head over to your local 24-hour Kinkos store (if they still exist) where they can get it printed extra large for you. Your years of origami practice will come in handy with these helmets, you’ll make it look good. Just try not to embarrass yourself.