Say hello to Gorgon, Evolve’s Fifth Monster

Evolve, Turtle Rock Studio’s game that launched earlier this year, is still alive and kicking with brand new DLC. The developer has revealed the fifth monster, Gorgon.

Gorgon is a very mobile monster who traverses the environment via web-slinging. She slings herself across the map and snares Hunters in her webs. She also has a nasty Acid Spit ability, create a venom green version of herself that detonates to inflict massive damage, and can unleash spider-like creatures from her abdomen.

Gorgon can be all yours for $10. She is also included as part of Hunting Season Two, which costs $24.99. Along with Gorgon, players also get four new Hunters and five exclusive skins. Evolve launched earlier this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. In our review, we found Evolve to be an impressive proof of concept that never seemed to find its footing. We also weren’t fans of the game’s DLC model, which included $136 worth of content available for purchase on day one.