How to Setup a Proper Halloween Gaming Atmosphere

Halloween is the time of year for everything that is horrifying to come crawling its out of the deepest darkest corners of the closest and into our hearts. It’s the one and only time of the year that the rest of the world is looking to get scared on purpose while year long lovers of everything horror are just looking for another hair-raising fix. Gamers get their fair share of horror games throughout the year even if it is not Hallows’ Eve, but there’s just something special about playing a horror game on this night, in particular that lovers of the genre cant get enough of. Seeing as Halloween is today, we figured we shout out a few helpful tips on getting the most out of your top quality horror games, during the most fighting time of the year.

When looking to play a horror game, there are a few simple but essential rules that one must follow if they are looking to get the full experience and if you are a pro horror genre gamer, then these rules are nothing but basic instinct. In case you’re a noob or a scaredy cat, though, here’s the basic run down. First things first; turning off all the lights or shutting the blinds if the starry night hasn’t quite arrived yet; this is an essential step to immersing yourself in the horror. Playing a horror game with the floodlights on is like watching a movie in the theater with the house lights on — you’re ruining the intended experience for yourself. With your visibility limited to the television screen, your entire focus is on said screen, thus holding your attention for those terrifying jump scares. The added bonus of this simple act is if you are one who tends to be scared easily, your mind will start to create sounds and movements in your basement or living room that might not actually be there, adding a fourth wall breaking experience to your immersion. Although of course it might not be in your head,  but actually be your pet cat jumping around and making noise at the exact wrong moment.


The second most important step to enhancing your self-torture is pumping up the volume. Creators of these types of games put a lot of attention to detail when it comes to developing an incredibly creepy atmosphere. Most of this stems from the music; the music in the game will quickly turn an ordinary walk down a virtual hallway into a tension building nightmare. The harsh strings and horns will slowly begin to get faster an faster until the monster, ghost or incredibly disturbing creature comes popping out behind you. You could even go a step further and enhance this experience by plugging in an excellent pair of headphones, which tend to do the job much better than your speakers can. Now that we have our atmosphere set and our volume is beating so loud that it sounds as if the games monsters are breathing right down our necks, it’s time to take the most important step: setting the game on hard difficulty.

By taking the plunge and stepping into the hardest and most challenging version of the game, the player gets the added bonus of fighting against AI that isn’t dumb as door nails. The quickest way to ruin a horror game is to play on the easiest difficulty; the AI is dramatically less terrifying when they are running into walls or attacking you with less relentless effort. This is a horror game, you want to be scared, you want the feeling of dread and a sure fire death lurking around every corner. The less ammo, the more you worry about attacking and the more you focus on running and cowering as you scream and moan when being charged. There is nothing worse than the feeling of being overpowered in a horror game, plus these terrifying creatures and monsters will be way less terrifying when they are weaker than a goomba. The added bonus to this addition, however, is tougher enemies, less running and gunning, and more time carefully creeping your way around which is something that you are far more likely to do if ever caught in a similar situation.

If you are the type of gamer who likes to emerge themselves in a gaming experience of utter hopelessness, as they are relentlessly stalked in the dark by creatures of the night, then this is the most essential setup for you. There is one more key feature, however, needed to make your Halloween gaming some of the most terrifying gaming of all time. Having a good friend by your side. This may sound counterproductive as now you have someone to ease your growing fear, but if you have friends like ours, then that is the last thing that they will be doing. When there is a break in the action, you can count on nine times out of ten something will jump out at you — and it wont be from the game — instead it will be from your friend shouting and leaping out at you in the dark. Your friend will be there to freak you out more than the game ever could and will be sure to remind you of all the times you screamed in terror when an untimely jump scare caught you off guard.