Stranger of Sword City Listed for Western Vita Release

Stranger of Sword City launched on the Xbox 360 in Japan last June, and then on Vita and PC a few months after that. While the game is set to have a release on the Xbox One with brand new art assets, and a new art direction in general, it would seem that NIS America is looking at bringing the Vita version to the West sometime next year. A listing on Amazon Germany cropped up and seemingly gave this away, showing that the game is set to be published by Flashpoint AG and released on March 25, 2016.

There has yet to be a confirmation by NIS America or Flashpoint AG, or even developer Experience Inc., but it looks like this is the real deal. It’s not surprising to see this happening, despite the game coming to Xbox One. The original game was loved, not just because of its DRPG conventions, but because of its unique art aesthetic. When Experience released the updated art that would be used in the Xbox One exclusive, some folks were upset by its decidedly anime look, when the original game was anything but that.

NIS America seems to know that there’s a market for the game for those who do not own an Xbox One to pick up its version when it releases reportedly sometime in January 2016. We’d imagine this will have some kind of impact on the sales of the Xbox One version; so it should be interesting to see how Microsoft/Experience respond, as Stranger of Sword City was set to be one of the few Xbox One exclusive JRPGs it has to offer. We, however, will be purchasing both; so its of little consequence to us.