Epic Games Announces New Game ‘Paragon’

After Epic Games was purchased by Chinese corporation Tencent in 2013, no one thought the North Carolina-based studio would ever make another game; and why would they? Their Unreal Engine is so popular that they don’t have to take huge investment risks in the gaming space.

You can see this with the free Unreal Tournament that they just gave fans to build on their own. Fortunately, they’re not done with developing games. Epic Games have announced a brand new title title today under the name Paragon. Today’s reveal shows off one of the characters, Twinblast, with Steel, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux coming in the upcoming weeks.

At the moment it’s PC exclusive, which combined with the game’s branding (Play Paragon) which is usually associated with free-to-play games, fans are rightfully concerned what this will become. Only time will tell, but Paragon is currently scheduled for an early 2016 release.