Need for Speed DLC to be Substantial & Free

EA are planning to release a substantial amount of DLC to the reboot of their newly-arrived racing title. But if you’re already rolling your eyes and groaning at that (perhaps predictable) statement, fear not. In an interview with Vice, Craig Sullivan — Creative Director at Ghost, the studio behind 2015’s Need for Speed release — has promised all future content will be completely free with further assurances that there will be ‘absolutely no plans to charge for content’.

‘We’re going to give you everything for free,’ Sullivan explained, ‘I’ve seen the plans for what’s going to happen over the next few weeks and months – there’s nothing in there, by which I mean, we don’t even have the ability to charge you in the game. There’s no store to speak of. Everything we’re doing is focusing on listening to what the fans are asking for. They’re certainly not saying to us, “Can you build a load of stuff and charge us for it?” They’re not saying that, so we’re not doing that. I know some people when we do press like this, they say, “Yeah, but I’m sure it’ll all change in a week or two, or six months.” It’s not going to. The plan is that there are no transactions in this game.’

Whether or not this plan was already put in place well before the game received mixed reviews upon release, remains a mystery. But this at least suffices as good news to those who purchased the game and are interested to see what lies on the horizon. Here’s hoping Sullivan and Ghost (not to mention EA too) keep to their word.