Arcade Block Exclusive Uncharted Vinyl to be in Next Month’s Package

I’ve written about how freaking rad Arcade Block was in the past, and yet my second month’s package managed to be more awesome than the first. (Before anyone asks, I am subscribing with my own money). There are no plans to write about this every month, but this just had to be covered. The crown jewel of this month’s package was a physical copy of Retro City Rampage DX for the PC. Packaged in a Super Nintendo cart styled box, this little tchotchke is going to be proudly displayed somewhere in the home. For those who don’t want to break the seal on the CD’s wrapping, a method to download the title from the Humble Store is included. Also stuffed in this box of nerdgasmic bliss is a high quality Call of Duty: Black Ops III t-shirt, an Atari ball cap, a Funko Fallout blind box, and a Titanfall K’nex play set. Not a bad haul.

Hidden underneath all of this, a card teasing next month’s block can be found. Apparently, there is to be an exclusive Uncharted vinyl nestled within. Sadly, there isn’t more information about the item than that. Considering how great these boxes have been these past two months, I have high hopes for this. There are also to be items from Resident Evil, Halo 5, and Zelda “and more.” Basically, it seems that the holiday presents will be coming early for subscribers. Anyone who wants in on this should take a look here.

Arcade Block 2