Beat Zero Reflex and You Might Win $10,000

Here’s an interesting concept for a game. In Zero Reflex, you must dodge swarms of bullets just like any other bullet hell title out there. However, you never fight back — just dodge.

Players don’t have free range for dodging, either. Instead they must orbit around a giant bullet-spewing eyeball in a circular path. Zero Reflex requires precision and fast reflexes if you want to survive all 60 levels.

And what happens if you do complete them all? Well, it seems there’s a contest offering the first person to legitimately beat the game a tidy sum of $10,000. Right now the contest is advertised right on the Steam page, if you’d like to check out the fine print.

Zero Reflex is available with a launch week discount of $2.69 on Steam and runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.