Final Fantasy XV Tweets Continue to Hint at Disjointed Development

Last month, Hardcore Gamer covered a separate tweet made by Final Fantasy XV twitter account.  We discussed concern for the progress of a game that, being announced in 2006, is about to enter its tenth year of development.   Unfortunately, this latest tweet from FFXV that has caught our attention does nothing to assuage our fears.  The tweet in question asks the public opinion on the inclusion of Moogles.

For those that aren’t aware, Moogles are a small, plush toy-like race that were introduced into the series during Final Fantasy III.  Since then, they have appeared (in some capacity) in every main Final Fantasy game but one.  Whether it simply be images and lore, NPCs, or in some cases, playable characters; Moogles gave been an ever present (almost) in the Final Fantasy series since their introduction.  Unsurprisingly, the results of the vote are in favor of their inclusion. Overwhelmingly so.

Regardless of their importance, or lack thereof, the fact that Square Enix are still unsure as to their inclusion does not lend confidence to the solidity of their vision for Final Fantasy XV, not to mention the progression of its development.

We can only hope that the question posed on Twitter is simply part of a publicity drive, meant to drum up some feeling for the game.  Otherwise, this, and other seemingly minor insights into the development process, could be painting a picture of a disjointed and ineffective development.