Screenshot Saturday Baker’s Dozen for November 7

Screenshot Saturday comes once a week, what with it being on Saturday and all, relentlessly letting the world know of all the games in development that have something fun and new to show off.  This feature collects a dozen good-looking shots and animations, plus a bonus image that may or may not have anything to do with gaming, based purely on how cool the image looks.  Maybe the games will be awesome or maybe we’ll only be able to wish they’d been as good as hoped, but the promise of screenshots versus the final release is something every game has to worry about, big or small.  This week is a little lighter on animated .gifs than usual, but for the few that showed up don’t neglect clicking on the blue arrows to see what makes them worth viewing.

Mighty Tactical Shooter-  The short version is turn-based Gradius.  Instead of flying your horizontal shooter in the classic arcade style, Mighty Tactical Shooter makes the action go turn-based, changing what had been reflex into strategy.  There’s a demo available on the developer’s web site and it’s very much worth the download.

R.A.B.B.i.T-  Ninja bunny hookshots its way through heavy-contrast levels.  Ninja bunnies have no use for this “ground” thing you find so necessary.

Captain Kaon- This is an arcade shooter combining twin-stick action with Thrust-style controls, meaning that gravity is calling to you at all times.  There’s a playable demo over at the Greenlight page, although I recommend skipping the training missions entirely and heading straight into the action.  It’s a bit rough around the edges but has definite promise.

Space Wrestler XL-  Travel the star-lanes as a space wrestler, slamming your opponents clear out the galaxy.  Different spaces have gems that fill the power bar at the bottom of the screen, making Mad Mike a body-slamming wrestling powerhouse, and sometimes you can pick up items to send your opponents flying.

Wartile- UE4-powered RTS designed to look like you’re playing with miniatures on one of those ornate hex boards with terrain and props.  Unlike most RTS-es, which try to get as far away from their board game roots as possible, Wartile is embracing it fully and looks utterly amazing for the effort.  Video here, if you want to see some gameplay in motion.

Unnamed in-development game-  I don’t know who she is or what game she’s in, primarily because this information simply isn’t available yet, but I do know there are high odds of her doing interesting things wherever she shows up.

The SoulKeeper- VR action/RPG, a little thin on available details but basically Skyrim in VR, and episodic to boot.  You can, however, play as a dragon who breathes fire, and that’s a promise that’s hard to resist.

Project Ascension-  Pretty much exactly what the tweet says, Project Ascension is an architecture puzzle game.  The only info on the gampelay mechanics is a super-short video showing the player-character shooting an energy bolt at a crystal to move stairs around, and the remaining videos on the Greenlight concept page look so early as to be more experiments than anything that will reach the final game.  It’s always fun to see a record of a game’s development, though.

Deathbase 900,000,000- Ok. so this one’s cheating a bit seeing as it’s missing the hashtag, but it’s a screenshot that came out on Saturday so I’m calling it good.  This is Deathbase 900,000,000’s level transition, as the grid rises and flips before the next course settles in.  Fly your ship over the collectables to open the base’s shield, avoid everything on the grid that wants to kill you, and then smash into the base to clear the level.  Good, simple, arcade-hard gaming.

Die With Glory-  Sigurd was a good Viking and lived up to the responsibilities of his horned helmet, and now it’s time to claim his reward in Valhalla.  If it had worked out as simple as that then Sigurd wouldn’t have to run through a hybrid platformer/adventure game, but life is difficult and earning a spot in the afterlife even moreso.  He seems happy enough about it all, though.  It’s also worth checking out the design on Die With Glory’s home page and how playful it is with the downward scrolling.

Attack of the Giant Jumping Man-  Because “Attack of the Giant Jumping Naked Man” was one word too many?

Drift Stage- This has been coming along nicely for a while since its Kickstarter ended back in February, and the 80s-styled low-poly drift racer just keeps looking better with each new screen.

Bonus Image

Time Break Chronicles-  That’s a whole lot of characters to choose from for your JRPG four-person party.  It doesn’t quite yet look like you can recreate Village People, but it’s getting close.