Sony Exclusive Helldivers Coming to PC

Developer Arrowhead, creators of this year’s top-down twin-stick shooter, Helldivers, have just announced the game will be launching for PC via Steam this December. Helldivers had originally beeen released at the beginning of March this year and was a Sony exclusive across PS3, PS4 & Vita. You can check out what we thought at the time of its release in our official review here.

‘We are thrilled to be releasing Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back on PC – our fourth game so far – and for the platform which we first started developing games on,’ Director and Arrowhead CEO, Johan Pilestedt, explained. ‘With a wide range of graphic options, rebindable keys and an added text chat, we hope that we will meet the expectations which players have of a PC title. We have received so much support from the community already, and feel very happy and privileged to welcome even more new players into the Helldivers universe’. Arrowhead have also confirmed the PC iteration will come bundled with all three expansion packs, at no extra cost. You can find the official PC announcement trailer below.