Overwatch Has a Teaser for its Upcoming Animated Shorts

Blizzard’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Overwatch has been gaining steam lately with the additional playable character announcements, even further fleshing out its roster of interesting and diverse gameplay options. While there are many interesting abilities to try between each new character, none quite seems so incredible as to be unbalanced – at least for now.

On top of that, each playable character very clearly has a personality, and with the game’s initial announcement trailer, it’s evident there’s a larger backstory for this game’s universe as a whole. Given that, Blizzard has chosen to follow up on their exposition and Pixar-style aesthetic by making some shorts that will further flesh out more of the world of Overwatch. Like what Valve did with Team Fortress 2, these are sure to garner some additional interest in their upcoming FPS, while entertaining those already watching.

See the teaser for the animated shorts below. You’ll see tid-bits of animation, lighting tests, particle animations, and plenty of storyboard animatics that all come together to make what you see on screen. Overwatch is due sometime next Spring.



Source: All Games Beta