Dontnod Entertainment’s Alain Damasio Didn’t Confirm a Sequel to Life Is Strange

While Life Is Strange script doctor Alain Damasio recently expressed his interest in working on a potential sequel to Dontnod Entertainment’s story-driven episodic title, it does not mean that a Life Is Strange 2 is currently in development.

French website Alchimy updated the interview it conducted with Damasio last week, clarifying that the Dontnod Entertainment co-founder’s original comment insinuated that he would be involved with Life Is Strange 2 should the opportunity arise.

Reddit user Staross also spotted that Damasio’s response to the question regarding other projects he has been involved with outside of Remember Me has been altered, with one of the sentences being changed from “I will participate [in] the follow-up, Life Is Strange 2” to “If there were to be a follow-up [to Life Is Strange], I would be pleased to contribute to it too, of course.”

Dontnod’s Life Is Strange came to an end last month with the release of Episode 5: Polarized, with sales for the title exceeding one million copies sold worldwide.

Earlier this year, Life Is Strange publisher Square Enix made an announcement that it would be releasing the title in Japan for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Life Is Strange is now available as a digital download on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Hardcore Gamer called Life Is Strange “the sleeper hit of 2015” in our review for all five episodes, suggesting that it “sets a new precedent for episodic gaming and reiterates why it’s a bona fide contender for 2015’s GOTY, despite facing fierce competition for that distinguished accolade.”

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