Space Wrestler XL Beats Down the Galaxy in Planet-Slamming Trailer

Space is an infinite expanse of nothingness lit up only by a scattering of galaxies, strung through the endless abyss just densely enough to give the illusion of presence without actually taking up enough area to be comparatively relevant to the void.  What galaxies lack in statistical significance, though, they make up for with sheer exuberant space-wrestling action, and Mad Meteor Mike is determined to be king of the intergalactic heap.  The Space Wrestler XL trailer gives the basics of his quest, but the short version is that Meteor Mike slams one planet after another to build energy to take on his opponents, with the occasional chair, tv, or toilet used as a beat-down aid.  Each galaxy is a network of paths connecting the planets together, with other space wrestlers and a boss all gunning to take down Mike before he’s had a chance to build up enough planetary energy to defeat them.  Max out the energy meter and clear the galaxy of opponents before the timer runs out for another victory in Mad Meteor Mike’s unstoppable rise to universal wrestling domination.  It’s a black, inky void of nothingness out there, and somebody’s got to lay the smackdown on it.