New Xbox One Experience begins rolling out Late Tonight

The New Xbox One Experience is set to launch tomorrow, and Microsoft have revealed detailed plans concerning when you can start downloading it.

Major Nelson has the in-depth details on his blog. Essentially, the New Xbox One Experience begins rolling out after 3:01am ET/12:01am PT. This is a gradual rollout, which means that not everyone will get the update at once. Just like with Windows 10, players will be randomly selected to recieve the update throughout the day. Make sure to leave your console in Instant-on Power Mode to install the update automatically. If you don’t than you’ll need to log-in and check for the update manually. All Xbox One consoles will receive a prompt for a mandatory update on November 23 if they have yet to be updated.

Backwards Compatibility, the most anticipated feature coming with the New Xbox One Experience, will not be available immediately. Regardless of when you get the update, Backwards Compatibility will not unlock until 3:01pm ET/12:01 PT on November 12. After that time, digitally purchased Xbox 360 games should appear in your game collection. You’ll also be able to insert supported Xbox 360 discs and begin playing on Xbox One.