Life is Strange Limited Edition Announced

Having released the gripping conclusion late last month, Square Enix isn’t quite done with the Life is Strange train. Coming in less than two months from now will be a retail version that features not only a physical copy of the game, but various extras, as well.

This includes a 32 page stylized artbook, director’s commentary, and a rather extensive soundtrack featuring both licensed music and an original score by Jonathan Morali. We have listed the entirety of the soundtrack below.

Life is Strange was created by French developer DONTNOD Entertainment, best known for their work on Remember Me. The Life is Strange Limited Edition will be available in North America on January 19 with Europe receiving it a couple days later on January 22.

Life is Strange track list:

  1. Syd Matters – ‘To All Of You’
  2. Jose Gonzales – ‘Crosses’
  3. Angus & Julia Stone – ‘Santa Monica Dream’
  4. Sparklehorse – ‘Piano Fire’
  5. Alt J – ‘Something Good’
  6. Local Natives – ‘Mt. Washington’
  7. Bright Eye ‘Lua’
  8. Mogwai – ‘Kids Will Be Skeletons’
  9. Amanda Palmer – ‘In My Mind’ (feat. Brian Viglione)
  10. Message To Bears ‘Mountains’
  11. Breton – ‘Got Well Soon’
  12. Mud Flow – ‘The Sense of Me’
  13. Foals – ‘Spanish Sahara’
  14. Syd Matters – ‘Obstacles’

Original Score by Jonathan Morali

  1. Jonathan Morali ‘Golden Hour’
  2. Jonathan Morali ‘The Storm’
  3. Jonathan Morali ‘Blackwell Academy’
  4. Jonathan Morali ‘Kate’
  5. Jonathan Morali ‘Timeless’
  6. Jonathan Morali ‘Timelines’
  7. Jonathan Morali ‘Night Walk’