Modern 8-Bit Mario Confirmed as a Walmart Exclusive

Good news, everyone!  Remember when Modern 8-bit Mario was only available overseas because no one in their right mind would purchase an entire Wii U system just for the amiibo that it came bundled with?  Well, according to Walmart’s website, there is already a placeholder for the standalone figure.  We are all well aware that for every amiibo that comes bundled with a game, a standalone of the figure will be released sometime in the future.  Green Yarn Yoshi and Chibi-Robo have proven this so it was about time that Modern 8-bit Mario had his time to shine.

The pre-orders haven’t opened up for it just yet but the website does give information about its uses in other games.  Stay vigilant as you never know when these pre-orders might open up.

Happy Hunting!