Prices and Dates for Unravel, Alienation, Shadow of the Beast Leaked

There were quite a few smaller titles at E3, and even at events such as Paris Games Week, that didn’t come with too much information regarding their release. Well it looks like that has changed for some. Blog Dealspwn noticed that three in-development tiles had been not only dated, but priced on the United Kingdom PlayStation Store.

The anticipated remake of Shadow of the Beast is pegged for January 27 and priced at £15.99 ($25). EA Games’ adorable indie title Unravel is slotted for a March 31 date and valued at £14.99 ($23). Finally, Housemarque’s Alienation is scheduled for a March 2 launch, and is listed for £15.99 ($25).

If you’re someone who resides in The United States, these prices and dates will only have a small impact on you. If the dates are correct, the North American releases will be close, if not that week’s Tuesday. As for the prices, the consumers from the United Kingdom pay far more for games, so they will most likely be adjusted.