Spell It Out with Typoman, Exclusively for Wii U

The pen is mightier than the sword because words can be a powerful thing. They won’t break your bones but they can definitely hurt you. In Typoman, the entire world that exists can be changed by the words you choose. This puzzle platformer looks and feels like Limbo, it has that same dark and lonely atmosphere, but you’re in control of the danger that lies ahead.

Typoman is filled with incomplete words and fragments that you need to put together in order to advance. Interact with your surroundings to change words, what they show on screen is exactly the action corresponds with. You can use your gift and alter the letters of the environment and gain even more power to defeat an evil demon. Typoman is available next week on November 19 only for Wii U.

Check out the launch trailer below and be careful, your power is a gift but could also be a curse.