Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Long Dark, Manifold Garden, Eleven Others

Nothing stops Screenshot Saturday.  Rain, shine, time zones scattered across the planet, and depressing world events are no match for the need for people to create and show what they’ve built.  As usual, this feature pulls twelve images plus a bonus from the #screenshotsaturday event on Twitter, based solely on how the picture or animation caught my eye.  Like any screenshot for a game from any source, biggest AAA publisher or smallest indie, the quality of the games can range from Best Ever to Wishful Thinking, but at the very least these are some very fun images to look through.  Don’t forget to click on the arrows on the animations, though, because it won’t be a fraction as entertaining as it would have been otherwise if you don’t.

BotVice- This is the next game in development from the studio responsible for Super Star Path.  While details are just this side of nonexistent, the bit shown looks to be about taking out robo-baddies while using a dodge move and cover to avoid the return fire.

The Specimen-  You get to play as the alien on a bizarre ship piloted by other aliens, trying to escape from being turned into a lab experiment.  This shot is kind of cheating, seeing as it’s more concept art than gameplay, but it is nicely atmospheric.

Plasma Puncher-  White blood cells are badasses, laying a heaping pile of smackdown on invading viruses by means of side-scrolling brawling action.  The floppy white cell has a nice variety of moves, as shown off in the gameplay trailer over here.  This is another “details are scarce” game, but the animation, character design, and the action of the trailer all point towards one to keep an eye on.

Caretaker-  This is less a screenshot than a really cool little project.  Caretaker is a six-degrees-of-freedom FPS set inside a semi-abstract alien structure that exists at the far end of time after all the stars have long burned out.  Navigate the ship, conserve energy, use stealth or environmental tactics to get past the guardians, and you might earn either revenge or universal salvation.  The trailer is worth a look-see to get a sense of how it plays.  This particular set of pictures, though, is a 3D printed guardian-bot from the game.  Which is (again) a really cool thing to make.

Madrobot-  Vertical shooter with a nicely chunky-pixel art style and pleasantly chirpy chip tunes.  Sadly it’s mobile-only, without a PC version in sight at the moment, but there is a free Android demo at the developer’s site to check out.  It might even work with an Android emulator if you poke at it with a stick properly.

Moonshot-  Worms! In! Spaaaaaace!  Basically a tank game where you lob mortars and lasers at your opponent, but the physics are made much trickier by the tanks being on planets rotating the sun.  That solar flare attack is a thing of beauty.

HellMut-  One of the side-effects of Screenshot Saturday is the constant reiteration of the phrase “details are scarce”, and this is another game to fall under that statement.  HellMut is an action game where you get to run through dungeons mowing down the enemy hordes, and the pixel art is looking fantastic.

Poltergus-  Super-cute adventure game about a ghost-hunting dog reality show host who accidentally brought the supernatural into the world.  Now with his new co-host, the ghostly detective Nancy, they investigate other ghosts who haven’t settled in to their new un-life particularly well, all while the cameras are rolling.  It’s incredibly early but already a complete charmer.

The Long Dark-  Still in Early Access, The Long Dark isn’t going to stop looking pretty any time soon.

Manifold Garden-  So how is Manifold Garden coming along this week?  Oh, just the usual stunning architecture-porn with massive wallpaper-quality version available for your eyes to feast on and wander its virtual pathways.

Streets of Rogue-  There’s an alpha demo available for this one over at the game’s site and it’s already a fun little thing. Pick a class, each with strengths and weaknesses, and carry out a set of three missions per level using whatever method best suits the situation.  Wander in guns blazing, sneak past the guard, spike the air filtration unit, drink a Grow Huge potion, bribe the watchman, or any number of other potential methods of attack.  The gameplay video gives a nice breakdown of the wealth of possibilities in each situation, and it’s more than worth your time to check out the alpha after watching it.

Superverse-  Arcade-shooter set on a 2D plane over a fantastically-detailed 3D background, Superverse is a single- of multiplayer game about blasting pretty much everything.

Bonus Image

Unnamed Brawler-  The bear knows what to do when events don’t play out like you wished they would.  Keep on dancing and don’t let destructive forces tear the world to pieces.