Shoot ’em Up ‘Sora’ Charts a Path for Steam

Fans of doujin bullet hell games are probably familiar with Suguri. This shooter from developer Orange_Juice launched a few years back and was quite challenging, but also tremendously rewarding. Soon, its sequel will make its way out to PC fans.

Sora offers an improved game system and graphics over Suguri. It also tells a different story, one of Sora — an enhanced human. As like the first game, Sora offers incredibly fast-paced gameplay for hardcore genre fans. There are twenty different weapons to unlock over the course of a playthrough, as well.

Ready to take Sora for a spin? The game will launch via Steam┬áthis winter at the price of $8.99. If you’d rather get Sora – Blue Sky Edition (which includes two soundtracks) it is available at a 20% discount via Fruitbat Factory during the pre-order period.