Screenshot Saturday Featuring Hexcells Semi-Sequel SquareCells, Thirteen Others

A new Screenshot Saturday delivers its payload of images and animations into the world, each shot filled with promise for something new and amazing.  There’s no promise everything will work out as hoped, of course, but that’s the nature of screenshots for any game ever made.  The selection below, usually a dozen plus a bonus but with an extra this week because I couldn’t decide which one to cut, is culled from the hundreds of uses of the #screenshotsaturday tag on Twitter.  The deciding factor is whether or not it caught my eye, which is fairly arbitrary but posting everything isn’t very practical.  As usual, don’t pass by an arrow without clicking on it, because the images are much more fun if they’re moving.

Cries of Harvest-  VR game about being a phoenix-like bird flying through levels that look like they were taken straight from an old Sega arcade game.  The camera bobbing is a bit worrying, but might make more sense in VR.  Demo over here if you’ve got the hardware to check it out.

Tetrabuild-  Building/automation game in the line of Factorio and Infinifactory.  There’s just something incredibly pleasing about a machine that works, especially when it’s got a million moving bits all working together in perfect synchronization, even if those parts are built from an unusual geometric base.  The alpha for Tetrabuild can be found over here, just updated yesterday.

Worlds of REM-  This animation seems to have very little to do with Worlds of REM, which is a platformer set in the world of nightmares starring a glowing sparkly bunny-hero, but it’s more than fun enough to justify its inclusion so it stays.

SqareCells-  This is the complete opposite of an exciting screen shot, until you realize it’s a new pure-logic puzzle game from the creator of Hexcells.  At a guess (and it has to be a guess) it seems to play off the basic conventions of Hexcells except in a grid, although the numbers inside the squares can’t possibly be defining how many adjoining squares are left untouched.  I can’t wait to find out how the pieces fit together.

Extroforge-  Multiplayer shooter/base builder where up to 32 players are plopped on either side of an island and need to harvest resources, build a home base, and conquer the enemy territory.  The bases are built from voxels so they blow up really good.

Positron-  Lightcyle game about racing through mazes to reach a sparkly goal.  It’s got lovely neon colors and a nice sense of speed, although looking at the latest video, I’m a bit concerned there may be a reliance on trial and error course memorization.  It’s awfully nice to look at, though.

Straco- A merging of twin-stick shooter and tower defense, Straco is one of many refugees from the doomed Xbox Live Indie Games scene.  There’s a PC beta available that’s the full first chapter plus a few bonus missions that was just released on Wednesday, available over at IndieDB.  It’s looking nicely chaotic.

Intergalactic Race Warriors- 2D side-scrolling racing shooter, built with fantastic pixel-art.  Barrel down the course at insane speed, keep the wheels on the ground as best you can, and try not to turn the car into a rain of firey shrapnel.  This one is still ultra-early but looking very promising.

Gothic Moon-  Not honestly sure if this is going to be a game or just a pixel-art design concept, but at the very least it’s a very stylish take on the farming genre.

An Aztec Tale-  City builder using lots of voxel art and set in Aztec times.  Quetzalcoatl has kidnapped the emperor for some unknown reason and, somehow, building up the town will lead to his return.  The floating sky-islands that the ancient Aztecs called home (science fact, honest) can be developed any way you like so long as the people’s needs are attended to.

Cranks & Goggles-  Low-poly 1920s racing game, back from the dawn or the sport.  The cars were very different then, and the developer’s Twitter feed is worth giving a look-see to check out all the pictures and links documenting the cars and people of the age.  The teaser trailer makes is look like this will be a tricky arcade racer, rather than any kind of competitor to Grand Prix Legends, but having a hope of finishing a course alive is never a bad thing.

Observatorium-  Puzzle/adventure game about rowing across a moonlit sea of stars.  Solve puzzles involving drawing constellations on the oceans’s surface to progress, and catch and use fish to help you along the way.  Observatorium will be, at the very least, one of the prettiest exploration games around.

Space Jammers-  Fun twin-stick action shooter with treasure-seeking cats in space.  This guy has a sword attack but guns also come in a variety of shapes and bullet types, found randomly throughout the levels.  There’s a demo over here worth taking a look at.

Bonus Image

My Last Friday-  Sometimes a shambling horrific monstrosity just can’t escape the smart-asses of the world.