Nine Minutes of Pure Beautiful Gameplay From Unravel

One of the nicer surprises at E3 this year was the revelation of Unravel, a puzzle/platformer starring a little hand-crafted doll built out of yarn.  Yarny doesn’t have the tightly-constructed weave of a knit Yoshi, but rather is a more simply made arts & crafts doll built from a long piece of red yard wrapped around a central core.  This doesn’t make for the most  structurally-sound toy ever seen, and as he journeys through the world he leaves a strand of red yarn trailing endlessly behind.  On the plus side, this means Yarny has an excellent tool at his disposal to get past any obstacle in his way, using the yarn in clever and creative ways to open doors, swing from branches, and solve the platforming puzzles littering the beautiful environments.  On the other hand, when the name of the game is Unravel, the hero is made of yarn, and the music has a melancholy tone to it, the probability of Yarny getting both a happy ending and surviving to see it seem unlikely at best.

Worries about the ending aside, the game itself looks wonderfully clever in the nine minutes of gameplay released by IGN First.  Personally, I only watched three minutes before shutting it down, having been completely sold on the action, mood, and puzzle design by that point and wanting the rest of the game to be a surprise, but there’s plenty of good information in there if you need more.