Catwoman and Robin Featured In Arkham Knight’s November Update

The next batch of content for Batman: Arkham Knight’s Season Pass DLC is available today.

In a 1GB download, Arkham Knight will be getting new skins, Batmobiles, AI challenges and last but not least, story content for Catwoman and Robin.

In a mission called “Catwoman’s Revenge,” players will take on the Riddler as Selina in a fight for revenge after the events of Arkham Knight. Robin’s mission, titled “A Flip Of A Coin” will focus on Two-Face and his gang.

Batman will get a new skin from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the new movie from DC coming out this spring. Along with it will come a skin for the Batmobile that will also look like the one from the upcoming movie. There will also be  Riddler and Robin skins for the Batmobile, and a new skin for Robin as well.

For the new Batmobiles, there will also be a new Wayne-Tech Track Pack to try out.

PlayStation posted a trailer on their YouTube channel to show off all of the new content available to season pass holders. Check it out below:

Batman: Arkham Knight was re-released on Steam in October after technical issues, but after issues arose again, users were offered refunds.