Play-Asia Blames ‘Social Justice Warriors’ for Xtreme 3’s Japan-only Release

Popular Asian importer Play-Asia has posted a series of tweets blaming “social justice warriors” for Koei Tecmo’s decision not to release its softcore volleyball game Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 outside of Japan.

The tweets began when the retailer posted “#DOAX3 will not be coming to the US due to #SJW nonsense” and followed up with “Too sexist? I think you mean too sexy. #DOAX3.” It continued with its mocking tweets, but as to be expected, the conversation amongst other users turned hostile and Play-Asia was forced to step in.

Play-Asia has since been posting tweets ridiculing a new boycott movement against it by reporting its rising follower count.

“Social justice warrior” is a derogatory term for a person who defends a range of issues on the Internet concerning social injustice and political correctness.

Update: Some language has been updated to better define the “social justice warrior” term and remove a reference to GamerGate.