David Cage ‘Never’ Considered a TV or Movie Adaptation While Writing his Stories

Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls director David Cage has said that the idea of doing a TV or movie adaptation for a video game is “never something I have in mind [when] writing my stories.”

In a Q&A with PlayStation.com, Cage spoke about his main objective when it comes to putting words on paper: striving to create an interactive drama to the best of his ability.

“I write an interactive drama and try to do my best at that,” Cage explained. “If other opportunities arrive, great; if not, I am not actively looking for them.”

Beyond: Two Souls, Quantic Dream’s 2013 interactive drama starring Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, was also a topic that Cage addressed in the interview, as he revealed that Quantic Dream currently has no intention of developing a sequel, he wouldn’t change anything in the title even if he had the chance to and that it might also be the “least influenced story” he’s written in his career.

Two of Quantic Dream’s PlayStation 3 titles — Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls — are no longer exclusives to Sony’s last-gen console, as the French-based developer confirmed at E3 earlier this year that both games are being remastered for PlayStation 4.

Beyond: Two Souls’ remastered version has already been released as a digital download on the PlayStation Store, while the Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls Collection will launch on March 1, 2016, in North America, March 2 in Europe and March 4 in the UK for PS4.

David Cage confirmed during Sony’s press conference at Paris Games Week last month that Quantic Dream’s new title is called ‘Detroit: Become Human,’ carrying on the story from the 2012 PS3 tech demo Kara.