Pirate Baozhai Joins Indivisible’s Cast of Misfits

Indie RPG Indivisible is a crowd-funded project brought by the minds behind Skullgirls: Lab Zero Games. Pushing on the updates and inching closer to getting fully funded, the character roster for Indivisible keeps growing. Framed essentially as party members, Indivisible’s “Incarnations” are the vast group of followers who will join main character Ajna on her Valkyrie Profile and Metroid-inspired adventure.

Developer Lab Zero has released consistent spotlight videos featuring these Incarnations individually. See the latest video, showing Baozhai below. For more Incarnations, check out Antoine, Kushi & Altun, Thorani, and the intense Naga Rider.

You can grab the free playable prototype of the game here. For those who want to support, you can find Indivisible’s extended Indiegogo campaign right here, with 4 days left on the clock.