Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked Ready To Wreck Lives On Steam Early Access

Don’t Starve managed to become one of the better surprise hits to come in recent years, but Klei Entertainment isn’t done yet. In partnership with CAPY, a new expansion, Shipwrecked, is now up for grabs on Steam Early Access. Selling for $4.99, this new expansion will take on a more tropical theme as Wilson learns to contend with new biomes, creatures, and behaviors of seasons. Selling for $4.99, this expansion includes ship building, ocean sailing, and all new recipes. Along with this comes a whole host of new challenges as the game’s famous difficulty will do its best to see our lonely hero murdered in agonizingly delightful ways.

A few caveats, though. First, this is an expansion; the base game will be needed to play. That said, it currently plays separate from the base game. Integration with the original will be added, though. Second, this is a Windows only product right now. Mac and Linux will be added in the (hopefully near) future. Still, five bucks seems to be a reasonable price for more content added to this deceptively deep and entertaining title.