King’s Quest Chapter 2 Release Date Announced

After a rather long period of waiting, Sierra has finally announced the release date of the second chapter of their King’s Quest reboot. Coming to Playstations 3 and 4, X Boxes 360 and One, as well as PC, Rubble Without a Cause will become available on December 15. Well, they did say by the end of the year

This new episode will center around the newly crowned Graham as he attempts to save Daventry. Apparently, the goblins are very well organized and managed to take the entire kingdom hostage. The focus for this chapter appears to be in his decisions as, according to Sierra, “the choices he makes along the way may have dire consequences for those most counting on him.”


Additionally, the first episode, A Knight To Remember, is up for free for Playstation Plus users. Certainly the timing of this is quite accidental. Moreover, it’s actually worth a play for the low price of free with subscription. For players still on the fence, a stunningly insightful review written by an oh so handsome gentleman is available. (Editor’s note: The review exists. Not too sure about the other parts…)