Indivisible Fully Funded With Two Days Left on Clock

Indivisible has been tirelessly working towards its funding goal on Indiegogo since early October and, as of today, it has officially reached its funding goal.  It’s taken a prototype demo, a pile of character animation videos, a number of indie game character crossovers, and even the unusual step of getting a 20-day extension on the campaign, but it’s all paying off thanks to backers finally pushing Indivisible past the 100% mark.  What this means is a couple of things happen next.

First up is the revelation of a couple of stretch goals.  The first one shouldn’t be a problem, and is on track to clear well before the final hours of the campaign.  More music from Hiroki Kakuta is worth getting excited about and makes any game better.  The other goal is more optimistic, but earns a fully animated intro for the game.  Whether or not either goal is made, though, 505 Games will be providing additional funding to see Indivisible become the fully-featured fusion of Metroid and Valkyrie Profile that it’s hoping to be.  Head on over to Indivisible’s Indiegogo page to check out the demo, if you haven’t had a crack at it yet, and maybe give in to temptation for the reward tier that snags you a physical copy of the game with backer-exclusive packaging.