Neon Stunt Racing Game Distance Coming to PlayStation VR

It’s been a bit over a year since the futuristic racer Distance announced that it would be coming to the PS4, but there’s one more trick left for Sony’s platform.  VR support has been in the Early Access version for a while now, and it’s finally confirmed through the PlayStation blog that it will also be making an appearance on the PlayStation VR.  The announcement coincides with the pending kick-off of Sony’s PlayStation Experience tomorrow, where it will be displayed on the show floor for people lucky enough to be on the correct side of the continent to play.

What makes Distance a prime candidate for VR, aside from it being a racing game and cockpit view being a perfect fit, is the combination of stunt racing and the neon-soaked art style.  While the standard non-VR game mode takes place in a third-person perspective, the camera tends to twist to keep up with the car while it rides walls and blows through stunts, and that’s not the kind of viewpoint that’s going to work in VR unless you have a thing for decorating the walls, floor, and PS4 with the undigested remains of lunch.  Setting the camera in the cockpit, however, turns the stunt racing into a different beast, making jumps and obstacles more immediate and providing a sense of scale that just doesn’t happen on a tv screen.  It’s going to be a wild ride gliding through huge jumps, brushing past sawblades and lasers, and boosting through the corners at top speed, and adding the VR immersion to the experience won’t be making it feel any safer.