Arcade Block Still More Desirable Than The Box at the End of Seven

It wan’t my intention to keep doing these. I’m certain that there are folks doing unboxings of the Arcade Blocks each month that are oodles more entertaining than my small walls of text. The thing is, each month I open the package, I am so impressed that I want to write about it. Stuff!

This month did feature an exclusive Uncharted vinyl. This one is a Titans Nathan Drake that appears as though someone stuck his head on my body. Poor guy. Also included are a Halo 5: Guardians calendar, an Angry Birds blind bag figurine (for some reason) and a Resident Evil keychain of a, um, key. While the Nathan figure is really cool, and the rest of these are okay, there are two other highlights in the box.

Arcade Block 1
Inside is a Zelda Master Sword wine bottle stopper, The Master Cork. (also on the box for this: “A Drink to the Past.”) Rounding out the collection is a Yoshi’s Woolly World inspired t-shirt. I freaking love this shirt. Somehow, without featuring any snowflakes, bells, or other accouterments, it has the look of a perfectly tacky holiday sweater in t-shirt form. It doesn’t get much better than this.

For next month, it looks like we can expect a Street Fighter V item along with a vinyl figure two-pack. Additionally, The Last of Us and Space Invaders will be making an appearance. At this point, I am hooked and will be keeping my subscription going.